Monday, March 12, 2012

NEW BLOG: Talk About Your Future

Today we begin a new career-planning blog featuring our 30+ career talks at Our first entry feature basketball legend, Chris Webber.

Just in time for the NCAA Playoffs, Fab Five teammate and NBA great Chris Webber visits Grady High School and talks to the students about living their dream.

  Chris Webber knows about dreams. His dream was to play in the NBA. But he knew it wasn’t enough to dream. He had to work hard. Chris knew that he had to grab his dream and make it real. He needed a plan.

That’s the message Chris Webber brings to the Grady students. It’s important to have dreams, but dreaming is not enough. If you want to make your dream real, you need to put a process in place. Attaining your dream is hard work.
He says that you need to be smart enough to know what you want to do and and learn the process of knowing how to get there. He invites students to share their dreams and gives them practical advice about how to start.

Chris Webber had a dream. Because he cultivated it, believed in himself, followed his plan, and built relationships, his dream became a reality.

Chris Webber’s talk is for anyone who has a dream and wants to know how to follow it.

You have everything inside you to make your life happen.

For further study, including viewing the entire lecture, following a lesson plan, and providing feedback, follow this link.

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