Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Video- Tonya Freeman: Choose Happiness

Tonya Freeman, an educational specialist at the Center for Disease Control, discusses what “success” really means and the importance of being comfortable in one’s own skin.

“It isn’t about the money,” says Freeman. “It’s what you want to do in life, if you’re a happy person then you will surround yourself with happy people”

She emphasizes the importance of knowing, and being happy with, oneself and how this relates to “success”.  Having clearly defined goals can help provide stability during tough times.  She discusses the importance of a close-knit circle of friends and choosing the right people.  Freeman gives her advice on being able to confidently express one’s talents.  She emphasizes the mutual exclusivity of money and happiness.

See the entire video, plus much, much more at on the Talk About Your Future website.